Trees & construction

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Whether you’re building a small extension on your house or a multi storey office block, if there are trees on or around your site that may be affected by construction activity then the council or local authority will require a BS5837 tree survey as part of your planning application. 

BS5837 Survey

There are three parts to a BS5837 survey and you may need one or all of these to comply with your planning requirements.

  1. BS5837 tree survey only to include the measuring and mapping of all trees that are potentially affected by the build. Each tree will be plotted on a map and categorised according to the British standard into one of four categories: A, B, C, U. This can be done before any formal plans for the site have been developed.
  1. Arboricultural Impact Assessment: An assessment of the proposed development and the impact that it will have on the trees surveyed, with recommendations for mitigation against impact. This can only be done once plans for the site are ready to be submitted.
  1. Arboricultural Method Statement: The final stage of the survey that completes the Arb Impact Assessment and specifies how any retained trees must be protected throughout the build.