Tree Safety

Effective surveys that keep your tree management costs down. Let us take responsibility for your trees while you keep control of decision

Why do I need a tree safety survey?

Landowners have a duty of care to the public to ensure that trees on their land do not harm people or damage private property. The level of responsibility increases if the land is used for commercial purposes.

Tree safety surveys identify hazardous trees and provide a plan for remedial action in order to prevent harm to the general public. They are an effective way for public and private landowning businesses to fulfill their duty of care and demonstrate their commitment to public safety.

SafeTree conducts tree management surveys for hotels, schools, councils and landowners. We design individual tree management plans for high amenity trees or trees in high-risk areas that are of cultural or historic importance. 

We also give general advice on privately owned trees. We assess the health or condition of a tree and any safety concerns relating to its proximity to buildings or structures. 

Whether you know what survey you would like or would just like some advice please do give us a call. Whatever your concern we are here to help.